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My name is Andrea: style enthusiast, vintage lover, and earth cherisher. I started Kitty Curated almost 7 years ago as a small business dream. Slowly but surely, I have amassed an amazing collection of beautiful vintage pieces, particularly dresses and gowns, in a variety of sizes. I love the artistry of high-end designer fashions, particularly through time, and how they have impacted the very way we live our lives and dress ourselves. Some may think it frivolous, but I truly believe fashion to be art. Art that is living, fun, and timeless.

I hope that stopping here will inspire you to become your own version of a vintage enthusiast, if you aren't already. Some people think of vintage as old & dusty or intimating to style, but a fabulous piece doesn't have to be either of those things. Satisfy your unique style, our earth, and your bank account by snagging a great piece of fashion history at a more affordable price. 

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<< For something fun, take a look at this list of my favorite books here.

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