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2023 Charity of the Year

Kitty Curated wants to leaving our world a little better than we found it. In addition to encouraging a focus shift away from harmful fast fashion, we are also committed to supporting those in our community doing great things. To that end, 5% of every Kitty Curated luxury + vintage clothing sale is donated to our chosen Charity of the Year.

Our 2023 Charity of the Year is

iMentor facilitates mentoring relationships that rebalance the odds for first generation college students. Their program model bridges the human capital gaps in our nation’s public high schools and ensures more students have the personalized support and resources they need to graduate high school and succeed in college. Click their logo above to visit their website 

iMentor infographic1.png
49158267248_86b884488f_o (1).jpg
iMentor infographic2.png
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